Üçcan has a place in some of the most high-profile projects in Bursa and has received strong media coverage as a result. Here are the examples of recent press on Üçcan...



Üçcan’s two new kitchen cabinet concepts for 2015 were introduced to the readers including their technical and production details. Materials used in the cabinets and Üçcan design team’s thoughts on the kitchen cabinet trends in 2015 were also shared.



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Our co-founder and director Sevtap Yıldız and chief architect Yiğit Yıldız elaborated where Üçcan stands between the furniture industry and services industry. Another topic they talked about was Üçcan Yapı’s export efforts in the United States of America and many other countries.




Our co-founder and director Sevtap Yıldız talked about her experiences as a businesswoman. She also explained Üçcan’s evolution from being a little retail store selling doors to a leading manufacturer of doors and cabinets that are exported to many countries.


Our partner and chief architect Yiğit Yıldız explained Üçcan’s efforts to prioritize the customer satisfaction and modernize the production line. He also shared his thoughts on changing trends in kitchen cabinet designs and Üçcan’s new product portfolio.


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Details of an interior design project of a villa in Nilüfer Köy conducted by Üçcan are shared with the readers. Products that are manufactured by Üçcan were examined room by room. Innovative design and manufacturing techniques used were also observed by the magazine critics.


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A boutique interior decoration project co-lead by architect Ufuk Kına and Üçcan was reviewed and praised by the magazine critics. Special materials and innovative design & manufacturing techniques used in the project were shared with the readers.



Our co-founder and director Sevtap Yıldız talked about the importance of women in the construction industry. She explained how women bring different point of views to the industry and improve the product quality by being meticulous and detail-oriented.




Praised as the most up-and-coming businessman of the construction and furniture industry in Bursa, our chief architect Yiğit Yıldız shared a lot of unknowns about his personal and business life. He also put emphasis on Üçcan’s improving export efforts and the firm’s plans for the future.


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Our partner and chief architect Yiğit Yıldız shared his insight about changes in the fast-paced furniture and construction industries. He also discussed Üçcan’s current residential and commercial projects and explained its plans for the near future.